Digital Darkroom Workshop

Have you ever struggled learning Photoshop. I know that Photoshop is a great graphics arts program and can do just about anything. However, as a photographer I don’t need all that Photoshop can do. In fact I don’t want to know all that. Photoshop has a huge learning curve. So, we have teamed up with award winning local photographer Bill Eklund to present a Digital Darkroom series and teach what he calls,  Digital Dissection.

This informative, hands-on program is geared towards understanding digital imagery and is designed for digital photography enthusiasts of all skill levels. The introductory presentation in this series will outline the course content, introducing everyone as to what to expect from each lesson. Kind of a “virtual syllabus’.

The first lesson in the series will be a thorough examination of Exposure. The most crucial element of getting great results in post processing is to start with a good digital file. 

Lesson two will involve understanding the science behind a digital image. We will explore luminance. What is it? Why is it important? How is it measured? How is it adjusted? How does it impact color? We will also look at the differences between 8bit & 16bit images. I will have images that have luminance & exposure problems that we will work on during class. Bring your laptop if you would like to participate in correcting the lesson files. For the best learning experience, I would suggest that you have some version of photoshop, as this is the software that I will be using in my teachings.

This luminance lesson is designed to set-up and segue into the next topic, “COLOR”. Missing lesson two will put you at a definite disadvantage for lesson three. So, I would encourage anyone who might be considering partaking in this learning series not to miss a lesson.

Here are examples of what Bill has done to some of his photos.  He want to teach you how to do the same. This is a hands on training. The first class is an overview of the subsequent classes. After that class you will be given files to follow along with Bill as he shows you how to make your photos pop.  Each class will build on the class before so we are asking participants to commit to all 7 classes.

If you have ever tried to get handle on Photoshop and take your photography to the next level, this is the class for you.

Rock Cut State Park Concessions is hosting a Digital Darkroom Class as part of its Photography Workshops. 

We are proud to have local award winning photographer Bill Eklund teach us how to “Get the most out of your post processing with Photoshop”.
Classes will be held at the Lone Rock Cafe in the main concession on Tuesdays starting May 2 through June 13, 2017. The classes will be presented in a building block style to make them easy to follow. Each class will build on the previous class. We are asking participant to commit to all sessions.
The class is free.
Class meets on Tuesdays;
May 2-June 13, 2017
7:00p – 9:00p
The class will start promptly at 7 pm.
The concession will be serving until 7:00 pm. If you want something to eat or drink arrive early. No orders will be taken after 7 pm.
Class size is limited to 20. So, sign up soon.