They’re Here!!

The fish have started biting, with vengeance. The last week has brought in a 14″ Black Crappie, a 17″ Small

Mouth Bass and the first Walleye of the season. the walleye is in the picture on the left. You can check them all out in our Keepers gallery.  Water temps have risen to over 58 degree and have likely sparked the crappie spawning. This provides a good food source for the predator so we will be seeing them out as well. We have also had reports of nice size Perch at the east end of Pierce lake. The crappie was caught from shore at the Red Oak Picnic area.

We have reports of catfish off Red Oak and by the dam.

Most are hitting on minnows, wax worms and crawlers. However, we have seen the bass taken with spinners, Matzuo Shallow divers and Tattle Tail Jigs. The jigs have also been effective on crappie.

We are offering free dozen minnows, or crawlers if you stop in and let us get a picture of you and your catch. If you decide to take us up on the offer please be sure your fish is with in the legal limit. We have had a couple Muskies brought in at just over 30 inches and that is well below the minimum of 48. Plus Muskies don’t usually survive if they are kept out of the water to long.

With the weird March warming spell and then the April cooling I think the fish are confused about whether it is spring or not. We have seen crappie from 20 feet to 5 feet. The steady warm up, of the lake, should get everything back on track for this season.

So, it looks like the 2012 season is getting off  to a good start. come out, drop a hook, check out our special, and take advantage of the Fisherman’s Special in the café. Stop in for breakfast and get a free cup of coffee until 10 am.  Don’t forget we have always have free WiFi. We look forward to see you this season.

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